My Team

In order to be the best possible Sales Representative, I have to devote my time exclusively to interacting with my clients. From creating effective and efficient communication lines, to constantly searching the housing market, setting up meeting times, going over contracts for both selling and purchasing, and finally finding or selling your home is what sets me apart from all the rest. I am completely dedicated to focusing on you and your needs. For me to continue to focus all of my efforts solely on my clients, I decided I needed to expand and create a team of 2! Meet Olivia Vollmers, my Marketing Consultant.


Olivia joined my team in June of 2018. She has been in charge of all of my marketing needs and she allows me to spend more time with you; getting to know you better and figuring out what to search for when finding your perfect home! Ms. Vollmers graduated from Western Michigan University in the Spring of 2017 with a 3.9/4 GPA, majoring in Business Management with a specialty in Marketing, and minoring in Economics. She was invited to be an attendee at the Lean Start Up conference in San Francisco, CA her senior year, which confirmed her leadership skills and entrepreneurship abilities. She is now living in Montreal and makes frequent trips to the Durham region to connect with me and my clients.

Olivia is in charge of all my social media accounts, my online presence, she finds new clientele by posting and researching different demographics, she creates newsletters and flyers that I send out bi-weekly, and keeps all of my marketing needs organized. When you deal with me, you get her as well! Creating dazzling brochures and pamphlets, while posting about your’s and other listings, is what Olivia does to present your house  in the best possible way!