Brand Manager

Meet Olivia Vollmers, my Brand Manager.


Olivia joined my team in June of 2018. She has been in charge of all my marketing needs and she allows me to spend more time with you; getting to know you better and figuring out what to search for when finding your perfect home! Ms. Vollmers created her own Marketing Consulting business, Liv Branded, in July of 2019 and is very passionate about her line of work. She is very skilled in using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe inDesign, which help her create your personal logos and designs. She is now living in Nashville, Tennesse and makes frequent trips to the Durham region to connect with me and my clients.

Olivia is in charge of all my social media accounts and online presence. She finds new clientele by posting and researching different demographics, she creates newsletters and flyers that I send out bi-weekly, and she keeps all of our marketing needs organized. When you deal with me, you get her as well! Creating dazzling brochures and pamphlets, while posting about your’s and other listings, is what Olivia does to present your house in the best possible way!